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Auxiliary Services

We as Occupational Therapist use a holistic approach. We do not only focus on the impairment that might limit the participation in activities, but we also include and consider how the client’s roles and environment has been impacted. Therefore we offer the following supportive services:


·         Home visits:

We are commitment to provide excellent treatment within your home environment if necessary.


·         Home assessments:

We promote your independence through specialized equipment or structural adaptations within your home environment.


·         Assistive devices:

We can recommend devices and offer training in the effective use of these devices in order to encourage your independence.


·         Workplace ergonomics:

We are proficient in optimizing the workplace by matching work environments to fit the abilities of the worker, thereby allowing the highest level of function.


·         Workshops and presentations:

We can offer presentations to specific topics, within our scope of practice, to kindergartens and schools (parents and educational professionals), for self-help groups and institutions.

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