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  • What are the fees?
    We offer a range of services. Each service is charged at a different rate. We however use NAMAF fees as a guideline for determining our own. For a better understanding of what your therapy will cost, please contact us for a quotation.
  • Will my Medical Aid or Health Insurance cover my therapy?
    Most Medical Aid and Health Insurance providers pay NAMAF fees and will cover a large portion of the total fee. There are however a part of the fees that will not be covered by said providers. That portion of the total fee remains your responsibility to cover. Please be aware that Mediacal Aid and Health Insurance providers have an upper limit for specific services which they are prepared to cover.
  • Which Medical Aid and Health Insurance providers are you contracted with?
    We are contracted with the following providers: Bankmed Blue Investmed Namdep Namibian Health Plan (NHP) Namibia Medical Care (NMC) Napotel Prosperity Life Renaissance
  • My Medical Aid or Health Insurance provider is not listed. Can you still treat me?
    Yes. You can still make use of all of our services. The difference is that you will be responsible for the full amount. Once the account is settled, you will receive an invoice from us which you can submit to your Medical Aid or Health Insurance provider. This will allow you to claim the amount they have available for the service. This is normally based on your type and level of cover.
  • When will I receive my bill or invoice?
    Invoices are issued to our patients at the end of the month.
  • I have used a portion of my medical/health cover already. How do I know if I have cover left?
    Windhoek Occupational Therapy does not have insights into patients' medical or health insurance coverage or balances. It is your responsibility to keep track of your available benefits. You remain responsible for any accounts not covered by your Medical Aid or Health Insurance provider.
  • How do I make an appointment?
    ​To make an appointment, please contact us. You will have to fill in a form and pay a deposit. Once you have submitted the form and paid the deposit, we will contact you again to confirm your appointment. We may also ask for a copy of your identity document and proof of your Medical Aid or Health Insurance.
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